Bootcamps & Workshops with Dr. Shawne Duperon


You’ve been searching for sponsored and customized programs that connect your brand to your progressive commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in business. We’re glad you found us.

From developing your supply chain vendors to be more efficient, to increasing your talent pool, to impacting productivity and retention with your employees, to fostering higher engagement with your customers, our programs instill educational experiences that deepen loyalty to your brand, your commitment to the community and to promote your diversity, inclusion and equity initiatives.

Our expertise is unique. We excel at teaching high-pressure communication skills along with critical thinking and analytical strategies that develop high-level problem solving in a challenging and uncertain sitiuations. We also provide an affordable and innovative digital platform to host your events.

Our programs range from 2-Day Board Retreats and High Pressure Bootcamps, to 6-month On-Line Training Programs for the diverse and small businesses you support, to ongoing Executive Coaching and beyond, we are the only agency strategically focused on helping you have the difficult conversations that must be had on every level of your company to achieve greater agility, creativity and innovation.

As a certified Women Business Owner, our agency creates unique ways for our corporate partners like you, to increase brand recognition and social reach, recruit talent, and broaden your diverse supply chain through our highly-customized sponsorable learning events catered to the eight diverse & small business groups.

“I’ve attended and sponsored several ShawneTV workshops. Dr. Shawne creates powerful experiences while delivering innovative programs with strategic content. The messaging and participant engagement aligns perfectly with General Motors, where all ideas are considered and heard, where everyone can contribute to their fullest potential, with a culture based on respect, integrity, accountability, and equality. I highly recommend Dr. Shawne’s progressive line-up of programs for both personal and professional growth.”

Reginald Humphrey, Supplier Diversity
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