Transferable Media Training Skills

Empower Your Communication with ShawneTV’s Experiential Approach

ShawneTV’s Transferable Media Skills approach is a game-changer.

Unlike traditional media training that often gets forgotten, Dr. Shawne’s approach ensures that you and your team’s skills are not only honed, but also deeply ingrained.

As a leader, you’re constantly navigating high-pressure situations, whether it’s engaging with the media, handling difficult clients, or motivating your team. Experience higher levels of communication, advanced critical thinking skills, and increased self-awareness for elevated decision-making.

“This program is amazing – not only do you receive great tips for working with the media, but the skills easily transfer to all aspects of your life – work and personal!”

~ Girls Scouts of the USA

Our unique approach leverages your everyday interactions to sharpen your communication skills and elevate your leadership presence in all areas of high-pressure communication. Through interactive workshops and practical exercises, you’ll gain more confidence and expertise through continuous daily practice, empowering you to effectively convey your organization’s message with clarity, authenticity, and impact, whatever the challenging situation.

Every interaction with the media presents an opportunity to showcase your organization’s values, expertise, and vision. With Six EMMY® Awards and 28 EMMY® nominations under her belt, Dr. Shawne’s distinctive accomplishments solidify her position as a leading authority in the field of communication. Her Ph.D. in Communication further cements her status as a unique expert, offering insights and strategies that go beyond traditional media coaching.

“Dr. Shawne has an uncanny ability to coach you to be charismatic and engaging. Highly recommend.”

~ The Better Business Bureau

Here’s what you and your team will gain from our approach:

Authentic Presence: Learn how to embody your organization’s values and communicate with authenticity and confidence in media interactions.

Emotional Intelligence: Develop the ability to maintain composure and clarity of thought, even in the face of challenging questions or high-stakes situations.

Effective Interview Techniques: Master essential strategies such as maintaining eye contact, delivering concise and impactful messages, and projecting credibility and authority.

“Deep, powerful program addressing the core details of on-camera interviews.”

~ Finning Canada

Strategic Communication: Understand the importance of mirroring techniques and other non-verbal cues in building rapport and fostering positive media relationships.

Pitching Strategies: Gain valuable insights into crafting compelling pitches and engaging with the media to maximize coverage opportunities for your organization.

Effective communication is the cornerstone of organizational success. By investing in our Transferable Media Training Skills program, you’re investing in the professional development and reputation of you, your team and your organization.

Empower yourself and your team with the skills needed to thrive in today’s complicated media landscape. Contact us today to learn more about our media training services and take the first step towards unlocking your team’s full potential.

“Dr. Shawne makes interviewing so easy. I learned advanced skills like how to help write the story.”

~ Barnes & Noble