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From ERGs to NGO-sponsored events, and internal corporate gatherings, Dr. Shawne consistently garners a standing ovation for her exceptionally engaging presentations.

In the corporate realm, event planning circles, associations, government agencies, and universities across the globe seek Dr. Shawne’s unique expertise. She has presented to tens of thousands of participants at conferences, meetings, and corporate events, demonstrating her unparalleled ability to create a profound impact.

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20-minute Keynote for GWBC Top Corporation Awards

Incorporate our advanced conflict resolution educational tool, The Apology (You’ll Never Receive)® into your business. This non-religious framework is the catalyst for dissolving pent-up frustrations and resentments carried by your employees, vendors, or NGOs you support, which have the potential to significantly shape your business culture. Participants who engage with Dr. Shawne’s sessions emerge with a renewed sense of inspiration, inner peace, and a powerful drive to take positive actions that directly enhance productivity, engagement and boost your bottom line.

Dr. Shawne’s Comprehensive Curriculum for Thriving Under Pressure Covers:

1. High-Pressure Communication: Mastering Influence in Critical Situations
2. Media Training Mastery: Confident Communication in High-Stakes Scenarios
3. Forgiveness in the Workplace: Conflict Resolution with Emotional Intelligence
4. Strategic Good Gossip: Amplifying Communication for Internal and External Impact
5. Mastering Presentations: Skills for Engaging and Captivating Audiences at All Levels

Dr. Shawne delivers content-rich, inspirational, and authentic programs that engage participants and motivate them to incorporate the valuable tools in their everyday work life. The impact is so significant that attendees naturally engage in “Good Gossip” to bring her back again and again.

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