About Us



In a fast-paced world where agility is the key to success, we specialize in unlocking the potential of your leaders, teams and community partners through a unique blend of emotional intelligence and emotional safety.

As the pressures of remote work, virtual meetings, and economic challenges mount, the need for both emotional intelligence and emotional safety is more critical than ever. These elements are vital for nurturing a resilient and thriving workplace, benefiting you, your teams, and the diverse businesses you collaborate with.

For more than two decades, ShawneTV, a certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE), has been a trailblazer. We’ve pioneered innovative concepts like “Forgiveness as a Leadership Tool” in partnership with major corporations, earning a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for our transformative work.

Our influence extends far beyond, reaching millions organically on social media, with up to 100 million monthly engagements. Each year, we host our highly sought-after High-Pressure Media Mastery Bootcamps, where we equip you with unwavering communication confidence, all while fostering emotional safety in high-pressure scenarios.

With 28 EMMY® Nominations, including 6 wins, our legacy in video innovation remains unmatched. Our CEO, Dr. Shawne, holds a Ph.D. in communication with a special emphasis in Good Gossip Theory, which is the cornerstone of our ability to make ideas go viral♥.

At the core of our approach is valuing people – just as the companies we partner with do. Whether it’s alleviating vendor stress, addressing internal issues affecting productivity, or resolving unspoken grievances hindering support for diverse small businesses – we understand that ongoing uncertainty takes a toll.

That’s why we’ve developed comprehensive internal and external programs that tackle the root causes and foster productive business cultures grounded in emotional intelligence and emotional safety. Our mission is to empower leaders like you to engage, brainstorm, and confront real issues head-on, because true transformation begins when emotional intelligence meets emotional safety.

Let us guide you in addressing these challenges for good.

In our world, where Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Safety converge, “Agility is Power”.