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Forgiveness in business, really? Yep.

We’ve discovered through training and consulting with tens of thousands of participants while also reaching millions in social with our movement called Project Forgive, is that forgiveness is one of the highest skill sets a leader can possess.

Progressive and disruptive leaders take risks. All the time.

It’s inevitable that you’re going to face failure personally and with the teams, vendors, non-profits and organizations you work with. Such as:

  • Dealing with an employee who constantly sprays negative comments at every single meeting.
  • Having a director you report to claim to care about DE&I initiatives in the workplace, but her actions say otherwise.
  • Facing the reality that someone you competed with for a job promotion gets the job. You’re upset for being passed over and now you have to work UNDER him.
  • Working with a non-profit your company supports and they’re in the news for shady business dealings.


Project Forgive started as a short video created by Dr. Shawne to initiate a conversation on forgiveness. No politics, no religion, just an authentic inquiry of what forgiveness means to people across the globe. That video went viral.

Since then, Project Forgive has been officially endorsed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and has grown to reach millions of people each month in social media and tens of thousands via Facebook Live broadcasts.

Its impact was so powerful and far-reaching that Project Forgive was honored with a 2016 Nobel Peace Prize nomination for the progressive and authentic conversations it caused globally. This unprecedented response was the catalyst for creating our non-religious, nonpartisan movement, committed to causing impact in the workplace. Our organization’s programs and tools are designed to empower women in leadership and to support the mental health of our teachers managing the strife of COVID at school.

  • Working with a manager who NEVER acknowledges your hard work.
  • Sponsoring a diverse business organization that lacks integrity. The business leaders are disorganized and rarely deliver on their promises.

For you, the leadership stretch hinges upon how quickly you can operate from a forgiveness mindset, create realistic boundaries, and bounce back to causing innovation, creativity and results with your employees, teams, diverse suppliers and clients.

This is what we do best. Our forgiveness curriculum supports your communication strategies in solving rather than fixing. We do it at both the individual and organizational levels. Our virtual trainings are just as impactful as our live workshops. We’re masters.

Our agency has all the accolades, 6 EMMY® awards, national media coverage, and even a 2016 Nobel Peace Prize nomination for our popular educational tool called The Apology (You’ll Never Receive)®. We even have products to gift your sponsored audiences to treasure the experience.

Through our unique communication consulting and training, we mitigate risk, illicit engagement, retain extraordinary talent and deliver experiential learning that bonds employees, teams, vendors and clients.

We use progressive strategies to engage and retain. After you hire us to work with your organization, your employees, suppliers and non-profits, they will thank you for your ability to be authentic and progressive, while also making a difference for their bottom line.