Virtual High-Pressure Communciation Media Mastery Bootcamp with Dr. Shawne Duperon


August 4-5, 2022
Tentatively scheduled to take place in Livonia, MI
Workshops Runs 9:30AM-4:30pm EDT Both Days

Join us for the High-Pressure Communication Media Mastery Bootcamp with Dr. Shawne Duperon and overcome the limiting beliefs, unconscious habits and behaviors, and self-doubt that ultimately holds you back from powerfully communicating with clarity and confidence, while inspiring others when it matters most.

Now in it’s 18th year, Bootcamp draws corporate and entrepreneurial leaders from across the globe and from all industries. Ironically, the majority of participants will never go on camera or face a reporter. Bootcamp isn’t just about TV. It’s a deep dive into learning the skillsets and micro-decisions that will help you communicate under pressure in all aspects of business leadership.