Corporate Supplier Diversity

When it comes to our corporate clients, we focus on one thing: Delivering the most innovative and engaging programs that simultaneously develop a deep emotional bond to your brand.
Relationship is everything and you understand these ideas:
  • Your employees stay engaged when you invest in their development as leaders.

  • Your top vendors stay loyal, when they know you care about them.

    • Exquisite talent lands in your lap when you create a culture of inclusivity and respect.


  • Your managers and executive teams embrace new communication skills that propel them as extraordinary leaders.
    • The non-profits you support promote your products when they feel the authenticity of your interest in their success.


    • Diverse and small businesses buy your products when they experience your commitment to their growth as suppliers.


Our Internal Programs

Our External Programs

Our Internal Programs

From advancing high-level presentation and online skills for Nissan engineers, to facilitating high-pressure leadership conversations for executives at Bosch, to hosting progressive leadership training in forgiveness for the marketing team at Clorox, we provide leading edge programs that leave a lasting impact that employees rave about for weeks.

Our customizable menu of internal services include:

  • High Pressure Communication (Media Training, Difficult Conversations, Systemic Racism)

  • Presentation Skills, Inter-Generational Communication, Social Media Training

  • Personal Development (Workplace Engagement, Zoom Fatigue, Executive Coaching)

Our External Programs

Whether you’re conducting a board retreat to deepen goals like the National Arab Orchestra, or providing management and marketing training to increase skill sets for your loyal vendors like Raytheon, or customizing national business skill training for the WBE’s, Veterans and Hispanic Business organizations you support such as GM, we have innovative solutions to develop the business relationships that matter to you.

Our customizable menu of external services include:

  • Sponsored 6 and 9-month experiential business programs for diverse advocacy groups: WBE, Veteran, LatinX, Black, Asian, Arab, Native, LGBTQ+, DOBE

  • Sponsored online events for recruiting talent at Universities (Networking in a pandemic, relationship building)

  • Or you need an engaging and interactive presentation for a live or virtual conference.

We also offer an interactive online platform for your conferences, events and parties.