Whether you’re looking to dive deeper into forgiveness after experiencing our Facebook Lives, or you want to sharpen your communication skills as a WBE, or you want to or you’re a non-profit needing social media support, Dr. Shawne’s public events are designed for individuals and small businesses. Check out our current events below. We look forward to seeing you.
High-Pressure Media
Mastery Bootcamp
For nearly 20 years, Dr. Shawne has hosted our Bootcamps, designed to transform leaders when in the midst of taking risks.

This progressive training provides activities, tools, and strategies designed to help leaders like you face high pressure situations (such as Media interviews, Racial pain, Misogynistic practices, and conflict with those around you, to name a few), all while

“You’re going to screw up, It’s part of being human; it’s part of being a leader. Risk-taking allows for agility, disruption, and problem-solving. It’s inevitable that it won’t always go the way you planned. The key is how quickly can you communicate in high pressure circumstances, forgive yourself and others, and get back on track.”
while embracing your personal power through vulnerability, empathy, and compassion. Dr. Shawne gives you authentic permission to practice the highest levels of emotional intelligence into all areas of your life – especially the workplace.
If you’re a certified small business (WBE, LGBTQI, Veteran, etc), contact us for low-cost sponsorship rates provided by General Motors.
Public Workshops
Dr. Shawne’s dynamic workshops have been presented to tens of thousands of people across the globe. Whether it’s live or virtual, her ability to cause deep connection and strategic risk taking, leaves audiences so inspired by the end, they literally jump to their feet. Check out our latest public offerings.