Dr.Shawne Duperon

Communication Consultant and Speaker

Dr. Shawne Duperon

Communication Consultant and Speaker

Dr. Shawne Duperon is a good gossip researcher and speaker, spending the last 10 years studying the phenomenon of gossip. She examines what causes people to passionately share innovative ideas and solutions that open minds and hearts. Her case study is Project: Forgive, a non-profit leadership foundation that reaches millions in social media.

This 6-Time EMMY® Winning communications speaker and media expert has been consistently rated among the top speakers and trainers globally. Featured on major media such as CNN, ABC, NBC, CBC and Inc. Magazine, Dr. Shawne delivers inspiring and authentic communication and marketing programs that have participants raving and then “good gossiping” to bring her back again and again.

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You’re about to embark on a fast-paced innovative online course that is content-rich, and video enhanced to grow your business, practice, non-profit or career.

Our easy to follow and engaging online courses are developed and hosted by Six time EMMY® winning media coach Shawne Duperon. Shawne travels the globe presenting communication skills trainings, in topics such as: networking, leadership communication, presentation skills and traditional & social media.


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Tiffany McCann

It was worth coming to an all day seminar just for this one program.

TAC Manufacturing Inc.

Taryn Osborn

The most growth I have experienced in 1.5 hours.

DeVry University

Samantha Can Zilen

Shawne’s session was career changing for me. It was Best  ALPFA event  ever.

XL Group