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Each presentation can range from a 45 minute keynote presentation, to a 2 ½ hour workshop, or even a full day sponsored event. We customize each event to your preference.

  1. Networking is for Neanderthals
  2. Gossip Marketing
  3. Manage Fear, Master Life
  4. Social Media: Relationship Marketing in a New Economy
  5. What are you Broadcasting: How to Leverage Traditional & Social Media
  6. How to Avoid Media Interview Mistakes & Become a Media Superstar
  7. Train the Media Trainer: Coach Your Spokespeople to Become Exquisite During Any Media Interview
  8. Media & Forgiveness


Networking is for Neanderthals

Relationship Marketing in a New Economy

Networking is primal. It’s biological. We need it. We crave it and most of us get it wrong. In this highly interactive and hilarious presentation you will step into a new realm of possibility in your relationship building.

Shawne does networking like no one else. After this session you will never network or see networking the same again, guaranteed.

Whether you’re a seasoned networking pro at chamber events, brand spanking new in social media or want to be interviewed by CNN, Six-Time EMMY® winner Shawne Duperon will radically transform your existing notions of networking in all your relationships.

The question is “What are you broadcasting?” What signal do you project in business? It’s not about passing out and gathering business cards. Networking is about creating deep relationships, unmasking your authentic self and catapulting word of mouth- the best advertising for your business and career.

Gossip Marketing
Word of Mouth in a New Economy

Gossip gets a bad rap. When you think “gossip” you usually think mean and malicious, right? Guess what? Research shows mean and malicious gossip is only about 5-7% of gossip.


In this presentation, Gossip Marketing expert Shawne Duperon takes you on a powerful journey that will have you master word of mouth for promoting your business and career.

When done right, gossip, or word of mouth, is the smartest and most powerful way to market yourself both online and off.  Research shows 93% of consumers say word of mouth is the most reliable source of information when purchasing.

You’ll also finally “get” (through extensive gossip research) why we LOVE celebrity gossip and how to implement those same celebrity gossip strategies to masterfully and exponentially grow your fame, business, non-profit, product, service or career.

Manage Fear, Master Life
What happens when you feel fear? Do you avoid it and plunge ahead? Do you simply jump into worry mode and make bad decisions? Or do you just stop and wait, and wait and wait some more.

The waiting is over.

Fear isn’t what’s stopping you. Fear is natural, healthy and necessary to have you grow, avoid a situation, or even embrace one, among many things. What stops you is your inability to “be” with fear which inevitably has you keep repeating the same miserable mistakes over and over again, especially in your career with a lack of promotions, or as a business owner in your failed marketing endeavors.

Whether you’re on a career track or a business owner, this  session will give you the tools to have an internal marketing makeover.

Shawne Duperon takes you on a compelling journey of facing adult business fears and how to break through barriers, especially in the arenas of networking, traditional and social media. When you leave this presentation, you will have a new level of mastery around your relationship with fear and how to shame-lessly self promote.

Social Media: Relationship Marketing in a New Economy
What is your message? What is your signal? What are you broadcasting every single time you post on Facebook, send a tweet or answer a question on LinkedIn?

Using relationship marketing strategies and tactics, Shawne reveals the critical components that must be implemented effectively to supercharge your social media marketing efforts.

This is non-techie interactive session is perfect for everyone, regardless of their role or level of tech experience.  You and attendees will get to the root of creating long-term on-going relationships in social media, strategies that cause consumer engagement, high visibility and growth for your company.

You’ll learn to avoid the biggest social media mistakes and discover how to create strategies that help you grow your business, create a following for your non-profit or expand your career to new realms.


What are you Broadcasting?:

How to Leverage Traditional and Social Media to Create Massive Word of Mouth

This marketing presentation is like no other. It’s guaranteed to give you  tools, skills, strategies and short-cuts to lower your marketing costs and grow your business, and expand your sales, fame and influence.

People do business with people they like. People buy from people they like. Reporters cover stories over and over again with people they like.

Some of what you’ll master includes: how to pitch TV media so they’ll listen, the worst broadcast blunders on-camera; how to get powerful LinkedIn recommendations without asking anyone; what’s the secret behind getting your message re-tweeted over and over again and so much more.

In this presentation will master how to build and expand your business, fame and influence both online and off by building relationships in traditional and social media with free publicity. Whether it’s TV, radio, print, twitter, or even influential bloggers, you will leave this session with a new level of mastery to get more business or a new promotion.

How to Avoid Interview Mistakes & Become a Media Superstar

Are you ready to be more calm, confident and powerful on-camera with traditional and social media, exponentially growing your business or career?

Over the last 20 years, Six-Time EMMY® award winner Shawne Duperon has interviewed most presidents, and hundreds of celebrities and sports stars, and has trained thousands across the globe. She knows what it takes to be exquisite on-camera and how one “bad” interview could ruin your hard-earned reputation in a matter of minutes.

In this session, you’ll discover the biggest interview mistakes made by seasoned executives and how to avoid them, how “NOT” to sound like a commercial and have reporters run screaming the other way, and how to masterfully manage any tough reporter questions.

From traditional media -TV, radio and print, to social media – Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, you will leave this session with 100% improved on-camera skills, regardless if you’re brand spanking new, want to drive traffic to your Facebook page or you’ve been “doing” traditional media for 20-years.


Special Note:
Anytime you bring a sponsor to an event on media and coverage, Shawne will work with your sponsor to incorporate videos of positive coverage to cement marketing strategies, and to hone in on specific promotional branding. Broadcast camera packages are also available.

Train the Media Trainer: Coach Your Spokespeople to Become Exquisite During Any Media Interview
Do you want your corporate, non-profit, association and volunteer spokespeople to be fabulous, calm, confident and powerful during any traditional and social media interview?

Whether you have you run a marketing department, handle all your corporate communications or have your own PR firm, you will leave this presentation with new skills on how to foster your spokespeople to act like a pro on the set if they’ve never done it before, and how to elevate the skills of your most seasoned (and sometimes most difficult to coach) corporate, non-profit or volunteer representatives, as well as new and existing clients.

Media pro and Six-Time EMMY® award winning producer Shawne Duperon has trained thousands of CEOs, executives and PR pros across the globe on how to avoid on-camera interview mistakes, how to salvage a reputation, and how to endear customers for life.

In this session, Shawne shares her powerful media coaching techniques with real world examples and hot seats. You will leave with skills and tools to strategically train your staff, executives, volunteers and clients. You will master coaching your spokespeople by showing them how to manage internal anxiety, to speak powerfully and on message, and to foster confidence in any media interviewing scenario, whether it’s traditional TV, radio or print, interviews with influential bloggers, as well as on-camera skills for YouTube, Facebook and video blogging.

Media and Forgiveness

Hmmph. What a concept: Media and forgiveness. Now that’s a difficult concept to grasp and for some to even consider.

Mass media theorist, expert, and Six-Time EMMY® award winner Shawne Duperon, takes you on a never-before journey on the discovery of why media may work the way it works, and why we must ultimately forgive the institution we culturally designed, if we ever want to see media transformation.

Through compelling research, examining exquisite trends of traditional and social media, and mind shifting stories of her experience of being in television and news for 20 years, this presentation will powerfully have you reconsider the way you look at media.

After this presentation, you may never blame media for the bulk of our social ails, you may leave the session with empathy for reporters, producers, and editors who are just trying to get their jobs done, and you may feel empowered to make a difference by pitching newsrooms the stories you really want to see and hear in our culture through media venues.

This presentation can be customized for corporations, organizations, associations and various faith-based groups.