Corporate Trainings

Shawne has several speaking and training options for the corporate environment that transforms skill sets for executives, staff, ERG’s, vendors, etc. Presentations can range from 45 minutes, to a 2 ½ hour workshop, or a full day event.

We customize each event to your preference and also customize corporate sponsored workshops and events for the non-profit organizations you support. (See the additional sponsorship topics under Keynotes, Conferences and Workshops).

Many of Shawne’s various educational tools (CD’s, booklets, calendars) can be customized with your corporate logo for employee or non-profit gifting. Bulk pricing for products is available upon request.

Corporate Training Topics Include:
Networking is for Neanderthals
Managing Corporate Gossip and Team Building
Presentation Skills
Media Interviewing Skills
Media Mastery Bootcamp, 2 Day Intensive


Networking is for Neanderthals
Similar to the workshops, keynotes Shawne presents across the globe, this highly interactive corporate training will support your employees to get the most value from any networking event they encounter. From how to deeply connect with someone and not sound like a corporate commercial, to discerning potential business clients, to finding loyal and long-term employees, this training will rattle existing notions of relationship marketing regardless of your skill level.

It’s not about passing out and gathering business cards. Most of those cards end up in the garbage with no follow up. Networking is about creating deep relationships, unmasking your authentic self and catapulting word of mouth – the best advertising for your company.

Managing Corporate Gossip and Team Building

Shawne has trained thousands on creating and building team trust. Through a fun adventure of learning the true nature of gossip (after all she IS getting a PhD in the topic!), she unveils new and fun perspectives on the purpose of gossip, why we care so much or not so much about Tiger Woods, how to lower malicious gossip in the workplace, and grow and build team trust. This highly interactive session offers an inventive and creative way to improve morale and expand productivity.

Presentation Skills

Using an accelerated learning style, Shawne takes your team through a journey of managing and examining internal fear. This is not a training on confidence, but rather an inquiry of what stops you from being present, charismatic and powerful while presenting. Regardless of your skill level, you will leave this training with a new set of tangible skills and a capacity to manage fear in a new realm of possibility.


Media Interviewing Skills

Each training includes:
A prescheduled half-hour conference call with your communications team to discuss specific objectives for each executive participating in the training prior to day of actual training. These trainings can be done in large or small groups, with our without a camera. Preferences and needs will be discussed in the media pre-conference call.

Option 1: Half-Day Training, 3 Executives/Managers 3 Hours

First Hour Overview
Media Mistakes and Strategies
The first hour of this training is a workshop for your chosen three executives. Based on the pre-meeting conference call, Shawne will focus on common media mistakes, offer compelling tips and strategies, as well as emphasize a team-building relationship focus that assists your overall communication efforts with media. The primary goal of the group interaction portion of the training is to arm the team with knowledge, lower any fear or discomfort and increase capacity in interviewing skills.

Interviewing, one-on-one

Each of the three executives will work one-on-one with Shawne Duperon for 45 minutes. These sessions are customized, based on the needs of the executive or subject matter expert (pre-determined in the conference call). The focus will be on learning how to talk in sound bites, techniques such as copying the reporter, what to avoid at all costs, how to dance in a conversation rather than ramble, how to literally smile while talking and how to generate energy and charisma during an interview.

Other topics include crisis communication, differences between taped and live interviews, distinctions between print and broadcast, as well as differences between radio and TV interviews. Each executive will go through many interview processes with on-camera playback to emphasize teachings. Subsequent visits can include reviewing past media interviews, or even practice a live presentation etc., again completely customized for that executive.

We provide our own TV camera crew on-site with Betacam SP or DV camera gear, tapes and our own playback equipment. Your office will create time slots for each training to accommodate busy executive or manager schedules.

Option 2: Full Day Training, 6 Executives/Managers, 6 hours

First Hour Overview and/or Crisis Communication Extreme

A Full-Day training consists of the same benefits and skill creation as the Half-Day training. As described above, Shawne conducts a group overview session, then works one-on-one with several executives throughout the day.

Another option for the full day training is to include what Shawne labels “Crisis Communication Extreme.” This entails Shawne and her camera crew arriving early morning on one (or more) of your executive’s porches, requesting an interview based on a make-believe crisis situation.

She simulates the media crisis and potential interviewing dilemmas your executive will face and then comes back to your office for playback. We discuss problem solving and interviewing techniques either in a group setting or individually (based on your training preference). This technique is a powerful and transformational learning for anyone on your leadership team who will be exposed to a crisis situation.

The rest of the training day can entail the group media mistake session and subsequent individual sessions, or Shawne can simply move on to customized individual training, whatever your preference is for that given day.

Media Mastery Bootcamp
Shawne holds two-day intensive media training bootcamps several times a year. Click below to get the latest opportunities for your employees. Bulk discount pricing is available.