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Social Media Engagement Webinar


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Social Media Engagement

Creating Engagement onTwitter,
Facebook and LinkedIn

It’s frustrating when you spend a ton of time and money on social media – only to see very little engagement or growth in your following. No matter how great your content, if no one is engaged with your social media, it doesn’t mean a darn thing. Isn’t it time to dump the stuff that’s simply not working?


Through methodical and consistent strategies, my Twitter feeds are receiving hundreds of retweets per month, my Facebook friends are interacting like crazy (with thousands of likes!) and my LinkedIn posts are consistently creating business opportunities. What I’m doing is working and I’m going to show you how.

Join me for a webinar that’s all about NEW strategies that attract clients, customers and patients to engage with your brand, product, service or non-profit.

In this content-rich webinar you’ll master:

  • The top 3 strategies you can implement right now that will get you retweeted without fail
  • How to create engagement that CEMENTS you as an authority in your field
  • How to be authentic and conversational in your engagement so customers keep coming back for more
  • The key times to post and which content creates trust in your tribe
  • 2 key ways to overlap content that doesn’t make you sound redundant
  • Why articles are best for sharing on Twitter and why you want to stop posting articles on Facebook
  • How to structure your social media posts so they are your authentic voice without spending hours and hours on content creation
  • Easy tools to keep you organized and efficient with your time
  • Tips to reposition your Facebook posters so people actually read them and engage with your brand
  • Choosing social media platforms that are the biggest bang for YOUR buck

When it’s over? You’ll have a new level of social media engagement mastery.


This non-techie webinar is fast-paced, content-rich and you take no notes! All you do is sit back and absorb the information, the cliff notes are there for you to download.


This immediately accessible webinar is only $37.


Thanks to our sponsor Chiro Health USA for making this webinar possible.