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Social Media Content

Creating Compelling Copy that
Engages Clients, Customers and Patients

It’s a bit heartbreaking to invest your precious time and energy into your social media content and not produce results. You write, you post, you try different things and it’s just not popping. In essence, you’re building it and the people just aren’t coming.

Then this webinar is for you. It’s all about how to write compelling, conversational copy that engages your audience.


In social media, content is king. Period. And the more conversational, the better. Through my 20 years of writing for TV I’ve mastered some exquisite copy writing techniques that attract Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter engagement for both of my companies … which have two VERY DIFFERENT audiences!

As a copywriter, I’ve learned some fab tricks, tips and tools that will grab your audience’s attention and have them clamoring for more.

Join me for a webinar that’s all about writing authentic, compelling copy in YOUR voice, YOUR company’s voice, YOUR practice’s voice or YOUR non-profit’s voice.

As with all my webinars, I use social media copy examples from those signed up for the webinar, so you receive real world advice you can apply right now.

In this content-rich webinar, you’ll master how to:

  • Make your text lively and persuasive
  • Create content that’s specifically valuable to YOUR audience that engages them and keeps them coming back for more
  • Persuasively use conversational TV words like “you” and “your”
  • Take appropriate risks in authenticity
  • Write in a rhythm that has your clients or patients WANT to keep coming back
  • Avoid jargon or marketing overkill that turns customers off
  • Strategically mix up your content so specific needs are being met by your audience

This non-techie webinar is fast-paced, content-rich and you take no notes! All you do is sit back and absorb the information, the notes are there for you to download.

When it’s over? You’ll have a new level of social media copywriting mastery. 


This immediately accessible webinar is only $37.



Thanks to our sponsor Chiro Health USA for making this webinar possible.