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Social Media Resources for Career Growth


Leveraging LinkedIn

Are you on LinkedIn and have tons of connections? Are you sometimes scratching your head as to how to strategically leverage all those fabulous relationships to grow your career?



Twitter Power

Six-Time EMMY® winner Shawne Duperon tapped into Joel Comm, the international best-selling author of Twitter Power, to bring you the latest tips and techniques to grow your following and increase customer engagement to grow in business and your personal following.



Advanced Twitter

Okay, so you’re on Twitter and you’ve got followers… now what? That’s what hundreds of businesses consistently want to know. This class shows you how to leverage and strategize on Twitter to expand and grow.



63 Social Media Mistakes

Most companies expect their employees to have some level of knowledge of how social media works, regardless of the position you’re hired for. Everything in social media is about relationship building. This non-techie class filled with tips, tools and strategies is designed to show you how to master social media and grow the business you work for and your professional influence.



Facebook Marketing

Social media is not free. It costs precious time and energy. This class shows you how to strategically use Facebook to your fullest advantage in your career or business.




Driving traffic to your website is a science. Get ready to be inundated with tips, tools and strategies to boost your SEO ranking, double your web traffic and radically grow your company. This class is for techies and nontechies alike. Simply do it yourself or take this massive list of strategies to your web developer to transform your web traffic.



Social Media Avoiding Legal Landmines

Social media has many businesses scrambling to figure out how to handle potential risk and exposure in the workplace. This class shares the legal landmines, pitfalls and a host of legal issues that you’ll face or be exposed to, and how you can plan and protect yourself in social media.