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Shawne Duperon

What Are You Broadcasting?

How to Leverage Traditional & Social Media

Ready to land more social media buzz, free publicity and media exposure for your business, non-profit or even your career?

Are you tired of:

  • Being the best-kept secret?
  • Reinventing the marketing wheel with stuff that doesn’t work?
  • Trying to get a better job or more profitable business?
  • Spending a ton of money for nothing?
  • Being stopped by fear and time?

Then this marketing webinar is for you and it’s like no other. It is a blend of tips for traditional and social media – designed to give you the tools, skills and shortcuts to leverage your marketing strategies in business and grow your career.

In this one-hour, fast-paced training webinar you will discover how to leverage and grow your business or career exponentially.

It’s only $27 and you receive Shawne’s bestselling class: “Leveraging LinkedIn” – a $57 value – immediately upon purchase. This class reveals leading edge strategies that maximizes LinkedIn for proven results.


People do business with people they like. People buy from people they like. People talk about people and services they like. People post and tag people they like on Facebook. People re-tweet people they like. Reporters cover stories over and over again with people they like.

Word-of-mouth epidemics build momentum when you leverage your marketing strategies and SEO with social media, video and media coverage.

What are you broadcasting? What signal are you giving off at networking events, in social media and when sending press releases to traditional media – like ABC and CNN?

This class is all about mastering:

  • Social media strategies that kickstart consumer engagement
  • Getting powerful LinkedIn recommendations without begging
  • How to look and feel comfortable and authentic on the small screen
  • The secrets behind Facebook fan pages that attract customers
  • How to leverage massive reach with powerful press releases
  • How to converge all your marketing efforts for the biggest bang
  • The secrets to video blogging that pulls in customers and job opportunities (I learned the hard way!)

and much more…

Six-Time EMMY® Award winner Shawne Duperon says statistics show it’s not who you know, but who knows YOU.

This webinar is designed to take you beyond any of your marketing skills and help you make conscious choices for engagement when you network, post on Facebook or are interviewed by CBS or CBC.

Seasoned pros leave this event with a new level of mastery and awareness. Beginners learn the ropes.

What are you broadcasting?

How much of your traditional and social media are conscious AND strategic choices?

Please register for the event below in advance. Our webinars fill up – when the class is full you could be turned away because of capacity constraints.

The cost is only $27.00 and you’ll receive: “Leveraging Linkedin” – a $57 value – immediately downloadable with your purchase!

The class takes place at 4:00pm EST on February 15, 2012.
Don’t worry if you can’t make it live.
We RECORD it, too. We’ll send the replay to EVERYONE WHO REGISTERS.

Thanks to our sponsor The Oil and Gas Magazine for making this webinar possible.