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What are you broadcasting?

How to Leverage Exquisite Press Releases
When Pitching Media

Ready to gain more media exposure and free publicity for your business, practice or non-profit? Are you tired of:

  • Reporters NEVER covering your story?
  • Reinventing the media wheel with stuff that doesn’t work?
  • Spending a ton of money on press release services for nothing?

This marketing webinar is for you and it’s like no other. It is a blend of tips for traditional and social media – designed to give you the tools, skills and shortcuts to leverage your media strategies through great press release writing and grow buzz around your business, practice, or non-profit.


What are you broadcasting? What signal are you giving off that exponentially draws clients to your business, patients to your practice or volunteers to your cause?

This webinar is all about mastering:

  • How to leverage massive reach with powerful press releases
  • The simple formula for great press releases
  • How to avoid the worst story ideas that NEVER get covered
  • The top 3 press release writing blunders that push away reporters
  • The 4 secrets behind creating stories that has media clamor to cover you
  • Social media strategies that kick start visitor and media engagement
  • How to converge all your marketing efforts for the biggest bang

and much more…

This webinar is designed to take you beyond any of your current press release writing skills and help you make conscious choices for engagement when pitching media to promote your business, practice or non-profit.

Seasoned pros leave this class with a new level of mastery and awareness. Beginners learn the ropes.

This immediately accessible webinar is only $37.



Thanks to our sponsor Chiro Health USA for making this webinar possible.