ShawneTV – The Psychology of Presenting Webinar

What are you broadcasting?

The Psychology of Presenting
Presentation Skills that Engage Audiences

Let’s face it…

Most of the time you have a bunch on your plate, you’re under heavy time constraints and you’ll throw together your presentation to simply get through it.

Or, you’ve been doing presentations a long time and you’re doing great, but you wonder if there are some advanced skills that can juice your presentations to make them even better to attract more clients, patients, or donors?

This webinar is pretty unique. It’s NOT about how to manage um’s and stammering or how to have good eye contact. Not at all.


During this fast-paced, content rich presentation, you will discover:

  • How to powerfully deal with any question thrown your way
  • Techniques that diffuse any awkward moments that normally stop engagement
  • The 2 absolute worst things to do that instantly kill credibility (many people do this!)
  • How to take appropriate risks that will increase your authentic charisma
  • Key strategies to gracefully manage any tech mishaps
  • What to do if someone looks bored, or actually falls asleep (yes, I’ve seen this happen to people)
  • Ways to dance with time constraints such as when your 30 minute presentation has been cut to 10 minutes
  • Tools so you no longer have to struggle through questions you don’t have time to answer
  • How to “seed” your goal throughout your entire presentation so when you get to the end, they just say yes
  • What to do when there is a “no person” in your audience and how to confidently diffuse it
  • How to incorporate a strong ask at the end of your presentation so you can powerfully implement next steps

and much more!


When it’s over? You’ll have mastery in creating a more engaged audience that will say yes to your proposals, budgets, or new ideas. You’ll also transform how you “should” be presenting into creating a sense of fun and adventure in business situations. You will lower discomfort and gain a new level of power.

This immediately accessible webinar is only $37.


Thanks to our sponsor Chiro Health USA for making this webinar possible.