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Nothing will get the media’s attention quicker than Online PressKit 24/7. Reporters and producers find you quickly and easily and it gives them everything they need … right at their fingertips.

“The Fastest Way for Media to Find You”

Media coverage builds credibility, sells your products, books and non-profit. With a little PR, through Online PressKit 24/7, you’ll be a recognized authority in your field.

Get the media coverage you want and deserve. PR isn’t a mystery. It’s really quite simple when you have a story that interests the media and you make it easy for them to cover you. My team with Wasabi Publicity, knows what it takes to be a media star.

Online PressKit 24/7 gives the media what they want, when they want it – your bio, high-resolution photos, product images, media placements and more. No more attachments that don’t make it through firewalls, bog down their email or can’t be found later.

The Online PressKit is an online media search engine that keeps you organized and efficient by providing links that can be accessed 24/7, no matter where they (or you) are. In today’s fast-paced media world, it’s important your info is available around the clock. The media is working all hours and you’re making it easy for them to cover YOU, over and over again.


Here’s what The Online PressKit
does for you:
  • Links instead of attachments. Most members of the media avoid opening anything with attachments, especially from unknown sources. Chances are they won’t even get them because of firewalls, and they can’t find them again when they need them.
  • Gets the media’s attention. Ever try to get a job without a resume? If you’re going after a top position, you need to be prepared. A press kit is the ‘professional face’ you show the media. Online PressKit 24/7 catapults your credibility.
  • Keeps you organized. With so many files and photos, it’s easy to lose track. Where’s that high resolution logo file? Where is your most recent headshot? Where is that video file with you on NBC? The media use this search engine to gather info on you and your expertise and look for your previous media coverage. Your Online PressKit makes it easy for them. They crave easy.
  • Works for you around the clock. When a reporter or producer needs something from you at midnight, no worries. Your Online Presskit meets the tightest media deadlines.
Before you go hire a public relations agency,
invest in The Online PressKit for only $197 per
. This leading edge search engine for media will
have you set up quickly to field all media requests.
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Here’s what you will receive:

    • Results guaranteed!* After your presskit goes through our copy editing review, we guarantee you will get at least 3 media placements a year.
    • Free press kit review by our team. We’ve been in business for over 20 years, getting clients on CNN, Inc. Magazine and the New York Times etc. We know which presskits get results with the media.
    • Easy-to-use Media-preferred layout. We created a system that structures your presskit to meet the media’s immediate needs.
    • Inclusion in the database that the top journalists search every day. All the top news outlets use our database to find sources for their stories and projects.
    • Preferred search placement in’s expert database. When you connect your presskit to PitchRate, Journalists will find your first before other possible sources.
    • 24/7 editing ability. You make changes to your online press kit in real time whenever and wherever you need it.
    • Powerful optimization tools. Your press kit will be easily found by reporters and producers online around the clock.
    • Free 30 day setup period.*

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*When you purchase the yearly service through our affiliated partners at Wasabi Publicity, we work as a team to copy edit your online press kit after you’ve written it to make sure it is ready for media coverage. We can tell by simply looking at your press kit whether it will get media coverage for you. We want your press kit to reflect your message in the way media needs to hear it. If it doesn’t meet the media’s needs, we give you a few recommendations on how to get the results you want. Once your press kit is finalized we include it in our search engine, which reaches thousands of journalists. We guarantee you’ll get at least three media placements per year (online or offline) using our online press kit technology. If you don’t get at least three media placements in the year’s time, your money will be refunded. We also offer online press kit writing services for $3500.