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When it comes to being interviewed by the media, most people are not prepared and usually WISH they could do it over! Nothing can put you on the map faster than being interviewed as the definitive authority in your field. This content-rich, fast-paced, 7-minute video emphasizes advanced techniques like how to avoid the worst things you could say to a reporter and classic mistakes like “selling” your website.

You’ll master advanced media interviewing skills, such as:

  • The absolute two phrases you MUST avoid in every interview
  • The REAL reason the reporter asks you the same question over and over again –
    it will surprise you.
  • The most important word to use constantly in all media interviews
  • The skilled ability to smile and how to incorporate smiling in your interview EVEN if it’s a tough topic
  • The psychology of why you DON’T say your company name
  • Why you let the reporter say your website and not YOU
  • The best strategy to get any interview back on track when the reporter takes you in the WRONG direction

This immediately accessible download is only $20.
A portion of the proceeds benefit The Project: Forgive Foundation.

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