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We’ve seen it over and over again. One badly-handled media crisis can ruin your reputation and your business in a matter of hours. When you know HOW to handle a crisis and how to control the communication and messaging, you can actually come out stronger than ever. This content-rich, fast-paced, 7-minute video offers strategic advice and tips to manage a media crisis right now.

You’ll master advanced crisis media interviewing skills, such as:

  • Critical steps to keep control of the communication
  • Why you NEVER say no comment
  • The importance of the spokesperson and how to choose the right one if it’s not you
  • The problem you are really solving during a media crisis
  • How to reiterate your answers even during grueling questions
  • What to do if you don’t know the answer to a question during the crisis
  • Why you never blame the media for your crisis
  • How to avoid questions you MUST NOT answer in an interview
  • The power of pausing during an interview
  • Why you must have a media log
  • Managing your staff so they don’t offend the media
  • Creating a one-sheet to fill gaps
  • The average length of a crisis to keep you on the best communication track

This immediately accessible download is only $20.
A portion of the proceeds benefit The Project: Forgive Foundation.

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