Amplify Your Communication Skills

Communicate clearly, concisely and with conviction,

despite any stress of high-pressure performance.

Media Mastery Bootcamp with 6-Time EMMY® winner Dr. Shawne Duperon is not like anything you’ve experienced before. This two-day workshop intensive gets you ready to face any communication challenge in business. The course is set within a context of being interviewed by the media, and half of our attendees will never go on camera or face a reporter.

So why do they attend?

This communication training is geared to challenge you while under pressure as a leader. Whether it’s:

a producer interviewing you on CNN

a reporter grilling you at The Wall Street Journal

a presentation to your management team to increase your budget

a town hall meeting to share a new company initiative

conducting a Facebook Live to engage your social reach

presenting in a sales or diversity video for your company

participating on a live panel that engages an audience

selling a health program to a patient

or inspiring a philanthropist to give to your charity

   Critically                        Creatively                   Strategically
Analyze                      Problem Solve               Articulate

Media training is the perfect context
to master these skills.

Media Mastery Bootcamp prepares you:

  • to tell the story you want to tell
  • to powerfully stay on message
  • and to authentically exude confidence for your customers, employees, managers and stakeholders.

Which means you’ll master:

  • communication clarity and avoid choking under high-pressure performance
  • how to handle a crisis situation that calms everyone down
  • how to create a leadership environment that fosters deepened relationships with media and influencers

Join us for Media Mastery Bootcamp with
Dr. Shawne Duperon

In this intense, two-day event you’ll learn:

  • How to create instant credibility;
  • Tips to manage your anxiety:
  • How to provide compelling and intelligent responses;
  • What to do when you flub up;
  • How to authentically captivate an audience with your personal charisma;
  • The real reason a reporter asks the same question over and over;
  • How to “dance” in a conversation, whether it’s a producer or town hall meeting.
  • Why the first question is the most important;
  • The difference between taped and live interviews;
  • How to talk in 2-3 sentence sound bites;
  • How to utilize on-camera skills for other business presentations;
  • The best response when you don’t know the answer;
  • How to use pitch and tone when “landing” a sound bite;
  • The two phrases to avoid in any interview, presentation or Facebook Live;
  • How and why pauses are important and when;
  • How to sit, where to sit, and when to sit.

There’s no one better qualified to teach you these skills than Dr. Shawne.

As a former network reporter, having been in TV for twenty years, and now reaching up to 500-thousand people during each of her popular Facebook Live Broadcasts, Dr. Shawne knows what it takes to be great on camera and transfer those skills to any business communication environment.

In this powerful two-day Boot Camp Dr. Shawne will show you how to:

  • Eliminate any fear;
  • Feel powerfully confident;
  • Command respect;
  • Identify loaded questions;
  • Master interview bridging techniques;
  • Stay on message; and,
  • Actually enjoy the experience.

Learn from Actual Interview
Hot Seats…

On day two of the Boot Camp, you could be one of the participants selected for one of Dr. Shawne’s legendary “Hot Seats.” This is where you actually role-play an actual TV interview with Dr. Shawne, with a mock-up of a studio set, lights and camera running. Of if you prefer, you can create a panel discussion, a corporate video scenario, role play how to handle a difficult employee or even perform a Facebook Live presentation.

This is powerful training you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll experience the heat of the studio lights, do a live interview and see how you come across on camera, or how you occur during a communication scenario of your choosing.

Don’t worry if you’re not selected…

Truth is, most people learn more from watching the Hot Seats of others than they do their own. It’s just human nature to raise your defenses when dealing with the media or during a high-pressure performance. When you watch Dr. Shawne coaching others you can relax and see how it applies to you.

Each Hot Seat will show you how to position yourself when standing or sitting, how to handle the microphone, where to look and all the things that make you look your best during high-performance situations.

After the interview, Shawne will do a review of how it went: what went well, and what could be improved. You’ll leave at the end of day two, confident and poised, knowing exactly what to expect when working with reporters and producers and how to be charismatic and authentic during situations that require exquisite leadership communication skills.


August 9-10, 2018

Location: Southfield Center • Conference Room 1A
18000 W. Nine Mile Road • Southfield, MI 48075
Doors open at 8:30am.
The workshops runs 9:00AM-5:00PM both days.


Individual Tickets – $997 with the early bird discount.

March 1, 2018, Early Bird Price: $1497.

One month prior to the event: $1997

Additional participants from the same organization: $797 each.

Special Pricing for Non-Profits: $297

Full-Time Students: $297

For all special pricing options and All Access Pass holders please contact our office direct to register, via email: or phone 877-759-4599 Ext. 1.

Other Ways to Register

We’re here to make it easy.

If you would prefer to register by phone or mail, please contact or 877-759-4599. We welcome your questions.

We look forward to being with you at Media Mastery Bootcamp.