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Shawne Duperon’s Online Presskit

Shawne’ s extensive TV, radio and print media coverage includes topics on:
  • Celebrity Gossip, Gossip Research, Gossip and Social Media, Gossip in the Workplace, Negative Gossip, Positive Gossip, Men & Women and Gossip, Word of Mouth, Gossip Marketing, Malicious Gossip, Teens & Gossip
  • Professional Networking, Networking in Business, Networking in Social Media, Networking and Relationship Marketing
  • Media &  Media Theory, Agenda Setting Theory, Agenda Building Theory, Deleting Media Stereotypes

Shawne has won several EMMY® Awards. Check out her latest award, a national public service announcement for the American Cancer Society:

Shawne Duperon Bio

Six-time EMMY® Award winning Media Coach Shawne Duperon (dew-PEAR-un, rhymes with Sharon) has been in the TV business for nearly 20 years. She has taught thousands how to communicate as leaders while networking and marketing in  social and traditional media. Shawne works with corporations, entrepreneurs, universities and government agencies across the globe.

She’s collaborated with many best-selling authors, has replaced Bill Ford of Ford Motor Company when she spoke at the Department of Defense and even lectures on cruise ships. She has interviewed many recent US presidents and has filmed hundreds of celebrities including Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby, Yo Yo Ma, Senator John McCain and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

You’ve watched her on national networks such as CNN, CBS’ “The Early Show” and have seen her featured in “Inc. Magazine,” “USA Today,” “The Washington Post” and “The Chicago Tribune” to name a few.

One of her personal passions is the work she does with multicultural groups to help delete media stereotypes through communication leadership. She spearheaded the movement on global forgiveness called Project: Forgive, a little five-minute video that went viral without YouTube!

Shawne is currently a PhD candidate, creating leading-edge research on the relationship between mass media and gossip (yes, gossip!). She says knowing how to create and navigate communication skills as a leader is the secret to unlimited marketing and personal power.