Authentic Leadership Day was so successful last year
(nearly 3,000 attending), it’s back …

Join us live in Dearborn or live-streaming on
PBS’ Detroit Public Television.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, it’s only $10.
($37 at the door.)

May 20, 2015

Henry Ford College Main Campus
Forfa Auditorium • 5101 Evergreen Rd. • Dearborn, MI 48128
9:00am-3:00pm EST – Registration begins at 8:00am





Join us on May 20, 2015 for a day of Authentic Leadership.

This fast paced day of personal and professional development is geared for business owners and those on a corporate track.

You can join us live in Dearborn Michigan, or live-streaming on PBS’ Detroit Public Television and thanks to our sponsors, it’s only $10 if you purchase tickets in advance.


Authentic Leadership Day
May 20, 2015

Join us live in Dearborn, Michigan
Henry Ford College Main Campus
Forfa Auditorium • 5101 Evergreen Rd. • Dearborn, MI 48128
9:00am-3:00pm EST – Registration begins at 8:00am

Authentic Leadership is exactly what Six-Time EMMY® winner and international speaker Shawne Duperon is creating, as she leads a global movement on forgiveness. Her five-minute non-religious, non-partisan video on the conversation of forgiveness went viral (www.projectforgive.com), seen by tens of thousands across the globe.

The video garnered the attention and endorsement of visionary leader Archbishop Desmond Tutu and country artist Naomi Judd, along with major media such as CNN, ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, and OM Times and Inc. Magazine to name a few.


In this fast-paced live event in Dearborn Michigan, that will also be live-streamed on PBS, international speaker Shawne Duperon leads a team of accomplished speakers and best-selling authors for a day of expanding your leadership skills in:

TriangleBuilding authentic relationships,

TriangleGrowing organic and intuitive influence,

TriangleEmbracing cultural differences,

TriangleAnd resolving and forgiving challenges in business.


During the live-streamed event, you will master and discover:

  • What it means to lead with integrity through difficult and pressure-filled challenges.
  • How to recognize and address your blind spots as a leader.
  • A new understanding of competition that fosters collaboration in business.
  • The top characteristics that embody a charismatic and powerful leader and how to embed them within your organization.
  • How to truly shame-lessly self promote as a leader and model authentic promotion for others.
  • Your authentic style of leadership and when to adjust to different business scenarios.
  • The three crucial habits that will grow your influence as a leader (that most people don’t know!!).
  • How to communicate with your team in a way that inspires them to follow you effortlessly.
  • What works and what doesn’t when it comes to your own personal, biological hardwiring as a leader.
  • The unspoken rulebook that influential leaders play by.
  • How to stop those cumbersome, long, boring business meetings and finally lead to get more done.
  • Why arrogance is fear and how to shift “fear” in the moment (along with ANY annoyance) so your leadership is received and honored with respect.
  • How to go-with-the-flow without losing your authenticity or personal power.
  • The biggest mistakes when it comes to leadership and how to quickly forgive yourself and others and move on.

and much more…



Once you register, you’ll receive information to attend live
or the live-streaming access.

Speakers include Shawne Duperon, Gary Weinstein,
Jackie Lovejoy, Tammy Bernier, Sharon McRill, Mickye Mathis,
Rochelle Riley and best-selling authors Charmaine Hammond,
Marilyn Suttle, Lisa Mininni and Teresa de Grosbois,
along with video messages from
Bryant McGill, Jack Canfield, Bob Burg and Randy Gage.



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