ShawneTV LinkedIn Profile Webinar


What are you broadcasting?

Creating Compelling Copy for
Your LinkedIn Profile

When you know how to tap into compelling LinkedIn profile copy-writing, you can get your business, practice or career literally in front of thousands of people.The key is writing an exquisite LinkedIn profile that produces results. If you’re ready to:

  • Land more connections,
  • Deeply brand your business, practice, expertise or non-profit,
  • And have people clamor to hire and work with you …

This webinar is for you. This non-techie webinar is fast-paced, content-rich and you take no notes! All you do is sit back and absorb the information, the cliff notes are there for you to download.


What are you broadcasting? What signal are you giving off that exponentially draws clients to your business, patients to your practice or volunteers to your cause?

This webinar is all about mastering:

    • How to write a LinkedIn Profile that is authentic for YOU
    • The top 6 LinkedIn Profile blunders that push away clients, patients and companies
    • The 4 secrets behind creating copy that have people clamor to connect and work with you
    • An actual look and dissection of REAL profiles of those attending the webinar. We’ll explore what’s working and what can be done to take your copy from good to COMPELLING
    • How to incorporate your keywords so your profile doesn’t read WEIRD. We’ll focus on inserting keywords so your copy is congruent with your voice and brand

And much more …

We’ll also show you how to keep LinkedIn connections engaged daily. It’s a simple, easy way to stay connected.

When it’s over? You’ll have a new level of copy creating mastery for your
LinkedIn Profile and another avenue of exquisite engagement.


This webinar is designed to take you beyond any of your current copy-writing skills and help you make conscious choices for engagement when creating a compelling LinkedIn Profile.

This immediately accessible webinar is only $37.


Thanks to our sponsor Chiro Health USA for making this webinar possible.