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“Shawne is one of the most engaging speakers on the business circuit today.”
– Maureen McDonald, The Detroit News


Dr. Shawne Duperon’s authentic, innovative and hilarious style will leave your participants wishing the event never ended. A professional speaker for more than a decade, this Six-time EMMY® winner and Nobel Peace Prize nominee for her global work on forgiveness through Project: Forgive, deeply connects with audience members through her various communication workshops, keynotes and trainings, leaving lasting tools that will alter their communication skills and transform their relationships.

If your events are filled with executives, business owners, or diverse professionals and students, Dr. Shawne’s unique content and engaging charismatic style will have participants raving, and then “good gossiping” to bring her back again and again.

Corporate leaders, meeting planners, associations, government agencies, and universities hire Dr. Shawne Duperon from across the globe. She has spoken to and training tens of thousands of people at conferences, meetings and corporate events.


and hundreds of others.


Her four most requested programs include:

  • Good Gossip
  • Media Mastery
  • Social Media Mastery
  • Forgiveness: A Leadership Tool in Business

We also provide customized corporate training and keynote presentation proposals.

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