Entrepreneurs Leveraging LinkedIn

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What are you broadcasting?

Leveraging LinkedIn


You’re on LinkedIn with tons of connections.

And now what?

Are you sometimes scratching your head on how to strategically leverage all those fabulous relationships to grow your business?

LinkedIn is about creating instant influence as a knowledgeable business leader in your industry.

When you know how to strategically connect on LinkedIn, your credibility will grow and you’ll create new opportunities for expanded business growth.



Here’s some of what you’ll master:

  • The top four strategies and techniques specifically to get more leads
  • Build your database as well as develop deep relationships with potential new jobs
  • Two keys to driving traffic to your website
  • The biggest misconceptions about LinkedIn and how to powerfully generate you personal brand
  • How to use LinkedIn to connect with reporters, producers and influential bloggers to grow your professional influence
  • The three most forgotten tools on LinkedIn and how to strategically use them
  • Answering questions and why that’s critical to building relationships
  • Why recommendations are the best way to create relationships and how to get more than you know what to do with
  • All the nooks and crannies to selling on LinkedIn, and the biggest mistakes those in business repeatedly make
  • Case studies showing you simple steps to get started or ramp up your existing LinkedIn connections

… and much more!

This immediately accessible MP3 is only $20.