ShawneTV – Entrepreneur Crisis Communication MP3

ShawneTV – Crisis Communication MP3


What are you broadcasting?

Crisis Communication: Five Things You Must Never Say or Do During a Crisis

It could happen to you. One phone call, one moment of mishandling media and your business reputation is gone.. just like that.

Are you ready for… ?

  • A call in the middle of the night telling you a fire at your office injures two high-school kids who were breaking in
  • Your CEO embezzles $100,000
  • Someone holds a press conference claiming sexual harassment
  • A disgruntled customer creates a YouTube video slamming your company, creating viral devastation
  • One mishandled media crisis could cost you thousands, and in some cases millions, of dollars inbusiness.

This marketing webinar is for you and it’s like no other. It is a blend of tips for traditional and social media – designed to give you the tools, skills and shortcuts to leverage your media strategies through great press release writing and grow buzz around your business, practice, or non-profit.



This fast-paced audio download with Six-Time EMMY® winning media coach Shawne Duperon and Britain’s leading crisis expert Alan Stevens, show you how to masterfully handle a media crisis.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this content rich audio class:

  • The three things to prepare your team, staff or business if a crisis hits
  • What constitutes a crisis and how some chiropractors don’t “get” that a crisis is occurring before it’s too late!
  • How some of you unknowingly “fan” a problem into a crisis
  • How to use different strategies for different crisises
  • How to avoid getting blindsided by media
  • Classic reoccurring crisis communication mistakes most businesses make
  • The FIRST thing you must do during a crisis
  • How the response of “no comment” will haunt you for years and keep the damage rolling
  • How the guy with no teeth ends up in your story, making you look even worse
  • Do this crisis mistake, and we guarantee you will make yourself, your practice or non-profit LOOK very guilty
  • How to avoid looking like a robot during a tough interview
  • Ways to prepare your staff for the onslaught of calls and the importance of a media log
  • Examine classic crisis case studies and powerfully learn from them
  • What to primarily focus on after disaster strikes
  • Picking the right person in your practice to answer crisis media questions
  • Why you should avoid a press conference like the plague and when you should have one
  • The first thing to do when your crisis goes viral
  • What to do if you know don’t the answer to a media crisis question that could make or break you

and much more…

This immediately accessible MP3 is only $20.