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What are you broadcasting?

Queen Bee: The TV Newsroom Gatekeeper

When calling a newsroom, the game is to develop a relationship with the key decision maker, the “Queen Bee.” In this class, Detroit’s Queen Bee at NBC, gives insight into the critical fundamentals and strategies for pitching TV.


You will discover and master:

  • What exactly an assignment editor does in the newsroom
  • What’s really in the Queen Bee’s data base
  • How to get on the “hot” story list
  • When you should pitch an advisory rather than a news release
  • Why faxes are considered old school
  • What you must never send in an email
  • How to turn your story from a newspaper blurb into a fully story media wants to cover
  • Why your regular make-up application will never cut it for TV
  • Why TV managers and producers need the Queen Bee to feed them story ideas
  • Why 10am is the worst time to hold an event or press conference
  • How the number of reporters who work that day affect your pitch
  • The best way to pitch before the morning meeting
  • Who are all the players in that morning meeting
  • Why the “bad stuff” really gets covered and why gossip (word of mouth) spreads so fast
  • What it really means when you are on hold for five minutes
  • How decisions are actually made to cover stories
  • The top four topics that will always get coverage
  • The biggest mistake you can make when piggybacking off a national story
  • The worst time to call ANY assignment editor
  • How newsroom email alerts can help you pitch
  • What you must NEVER, EVER say about a competing station and why that’s bad gossip
  • How to turn a lame story into a visually appealing one
  • Why you must follow up with each and every pitch
  • The clincher to have your press release remembered and covered
  • Why food must be a staple for all your pitches and how it’s good gossip (word of mouth)
  • How fast an assignment editor assesses your story and how to help your pitch get on the hot list
  • The worst mistake you can make after your story is covered

And much more!

This immediately accessible MP3 is only $20.