ShawneTV – Press Releases 101 MP3


What are you broadcasting?

Press Releases 101

Press Release writing is a skill AND IT’S NOT HARD. From how to write compelling headlines to creatively using statistics, this class will make your press releases stand out and get your company covered.

Here’s what you’ll master:

  • What equals “news worthy”
  • Where to start – for beginners and pros (most get it wrong)
  • The importance of piggybacking and why your communication team MUST do this
  • Why timing is everything and how to take advantage of it
  • Why USA Today is the Holy Grail for press releases
  • How strategic personal stories create deep media relationships and fantastic good gossip
  • How to work with reporters so they cover you over and over
  • How to find statistics to make your release more powerful
  • Where to find the BEST headlines and increase search engine optimization
  • Why “Cosmopolitan” magazine is your new press release best friend in any industry
  • The number one biggest blunder when sending a press release
  • When to put your company name in a headline
  • How to use “one stop stories”
  • Exquisite strategies for keyword usage in releases
  • Why you must incorporate visuals into your release for TV coverage and how to do it powerfully
  • How a too long or too short press release  impacts your capacity to get covered or not
  • Why you must avoid “cutesy” like the plague
  • How to format text so you DON’T lose media opportunities
  • No pdf’s. Ever. And why this stops you from getting exquisite coverage
  • Why your web links catapult your release, coverage and word of mouth with media
  • The best way to send a press release to any newsroom for massive reach
  • The number one way to push reporters away when they call you
  • Why your customer service must be up to speed to meet viewer response needs
  • The best follow up that “seals the deal” for coverage
  • Different deadlines for different media outlets and what you need to know to pitch
  • The top 8 online press release distribution sites that are free or low cost

And much more!

This immediately accessible MP3 is only $20.