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Health Story Ideas Rolodex

This health story rolodex is one of kind. It’s filled with hundreds of health stories that newsrooms seek and cover, on a daily basis. These story ideas are designed to cement you as a health expert and authority in your field.

This health story idea guide is designed:

  • To put the health story ideas that media want right now into your hands to build long-term media relationships
  • To make your life easy when it comes to pitching health stories. Shawne hand-picked each and every story idea to go into this rolodex, stories that were collected over several years from real reporters, producers, editors and anchors all searching for experts to profile in their news stories.
  • To jump-start your creative pitches to media for years to come regardless of your expertise, your focus or your client’s needs. You will never run out of health story ideas again.
  • To help you with pitching formulas as you call media while also providing a resource guide for all your free publicity needs.

Here’s just a sample of the hundreds of stories filling this guide:

Pitch: C-sections
What are the risks of C-sections compared to vaginal birth? What are the reasons behind rising C-section rates? For first-time mothers, is an elective C-section safer, equally safe or less safe than a vaginal birth? Who are the best candidates for a vaginal birth versus a C-section birth?

Pitch: Sensitive noses
Ever sat on an airplane flight next to someone who uses heavy perfume or strong-smelling deodorant? Despite heavy odors why is it that some noses have a much more acute sense of smell than others? Do the fragrances we wear alter or damage our environment in any way?

Pitch: Not missing work
Have you or your employee not missed a day of work in 10, 20 30 years? Why do you think you havenít missed? Whatís your secret for not getting sick? Is it simply a strong work ethic? Great story.

Pitch: Eyelash products
There are a ton of eyelash enhancing products on the market? Which ones work? Which ones should you stay away from? What are the possible dangers to your eyes? Are these products really safe?

And much more!

This immediately accessible PDF is only $20.