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Health Stories TV Producers Crave

Newsrooms are constantly on the search for inspiring and innovative health stories. This class is filled with tips, tools and strategies from former health reporter Shawne Duperon and her dear friend, a former anchor at ABC, NBC and FOX, on how to get free media coverage to grow your coverage and your media relationships.

Here’s some of what you’ll master:

  • How to pitch health stories every week WITHOUT being a health related business.
  • How your employees overcoming health conditions are the perfect pitch.
  • What is “crying wolf” when it comes to pitching and how to avoid this dreadful mistake.
  • How to stand out when creating relationships with health reporters.
  • How to create more “luck” to getting on air.
  • Why “no” only means “not right now”.
  • The perfect mix for pitching a health story.
  • How to pitch so reporters can “sell” your story to others in the news room.
  • Why food works so great when pitching health stories.
  • The absolute worst time to call a health reporter.
  • How to use the internet to find the perfect health story to piggyback off of.
  • The best way to pitch from national health studies.
  • The critical link to having a health reporter respond to you.
  • From chiropractic care to cancer research: the hot health stories.
  • The best Father’s and Mother’s Day stories health reporters will respond to.
  • Why health reporters keep going back to the same news source over and over, and how it could be you.
  • The one answer every reporter wants.
  • Why “more” is always better.
  • How to create an exciting health event that will get covered.
  • The best times to pitch health.
  • Why health reporters cover all the relationship stories.
  • The #1 health story every reporter covers on a daily basis and how to piggyback your idea.
  • How to brand your expertise with a health reporter and create good gossip (word of mouth).
  • How to ask for what coverage you want and get it.
  • Critical health stories every health reporter will cover.
  • The must-cover health stories every newsroom will cover in the fall.
  • Winter health stories that work and how to tie them in to your business.
  • Eight spring stories health reporters are dying to cover.
  • THE summer stories that will be on every health reporters to-do list.

And much more!

This immediately accessible MP3 is only $20.