ShawneTV – HDTV Camera Ready MP3


What are you broadcasting?

HDTV Camera Ready

This content rich class tells you how to avoid the worst image mistakes made by most, when being interviewed by the media. You’ll learn the in’s and out’s of what to wear, what not to wear, and how to powerful brand yourself on air as a credible professional. You can also hand it over to the executive you’re working with.


Here’s some of what you’ll master:

  • Why your regular make-up application will never cut it for TV.
  • The biggest mistakes men make when it comes to make-up.
  • The biggest flaw with HDTV and how you can use it to your advantage.
  • Why a shimmery look is a no-no.
  • Classic “shoe” mistakes during a live shot.
  • Lip color will make or break you.
  • Foundation flubs and what you MUST avoid.
  • The right jewelry for TV, and why most get it wrong.
  • Will the station do my make-up? How does that work?
  • For TV, wear these busy fabrics and you won’t be asked back.
  • Classic tie mistakes and how to wear fab tie fashion every single time.
  • High maintenance hair and how not to look outdated.
  • Collars and lapels to avoid like the plague.
  • Bare skin and cleavage – how much is too much?
  • The final scoop on color. Can you wear white or black? What about red?
  • How your clothes impact and guide your TV make-up.
  • High contrast teeth. Yikes! Not all white is created equal.

And much more!

This immediately accessible MP3 is only $20.