ShawneTV – 1,727 Story Ideas Rolodex PDF


What are you broadcasting?

1,727 Story Ideas Rolodex

This document is the first of its kind: A story ideas rolodex filled with more than 2000 stories for you to pitch media day in and day out without you ever having to think about it.

1,727 Story Ideas Rolodex is designed:

  • To put the story ideas that media want right now into your hands to get you thousands of dollars in free publicity.
  • To make your life easy when it comes to pitching stories. Shawne hand-picked each and every story idea to go into this rolodex, stories that  were collected over several years from real reporters, producers, editors and anchors all searching for experts to profile in their news stories.
  • To jump-start your creative pitches to media for years to come regardless of your expertise, your focus or your client’s needs. You will never run out of a story idea again.
  • To help you with pitching formulas as you call media
  • To provide you with a resource guide for all your free publicity needs.

Here’s just a sample of the hundreds of stories filling this guide:

Pitch: Engagement rings
What are some basic diamond buying tips when selecting a diamond engagement ring? What is a perfect diamond? What are the real values of diamonds in terms of color and quality? You always hear your engagement ring should be the value of your finance’s 2 months of wages. Is that still true or out of date?

Pitch: Contesting your home value assessment
How do you go about contesting the assessed value of your home? Give us tips on how to appear before a tax board of review. How do you prepare? What should your demeanor be? How can home owners be the most successful?

Pitch: House plants
Educate consumers on everything you need to know about house plants. What do you need to know before you buy? What about quantity of light, temperature, the best spot? Help us look at our options and help us care for our plants. Which ones are really easy and which ones require a lot of maintenance?

Pitch: Lowering home repair costs
What are the best ways to trim the cost of home repairs? Does hiring a handyman help? Do you pay hourly and for supplies? Is it better to get the supplies yourself? Does multitasking on several rooms at once work?

Pitch: Cookbooks
There are always a whole slew of new cookbooks on the market. Give us a wrap-up of some of the best cookbooks for cooking healthy, cooking deserts, cooking ribs, you name it, give some fab ideas.

Pitch: The right appliances
Offer feedback on how to select the right appliances. Teach consumers about cooktops, ranges, ovens, venting options/hoods, refrigerators, wine storage and dishwashers. Why is it the latest and greatest?

Pitch: Identity theft and regulations
What are the latest regulations when it comes to combating identity theft that financial institutions, retailers, utilities, car dealers and other creditors face? How do financial institutions address regulations in a difficult climate? Will compliance costs be passed on to consumers? Will staffing need to expand? What will car dealers and other retailers need to do?

Pitch: Shelf life of beauty products
Are there really time limits on beauty products like mascara, blush, nail polish, bath oil and hand cream? Are they best used in certain time frames?

Pitch: Diversity management
How has diversity management gained support in corporations? Has it become part of your organization’s strategic conversation? Why is it business-smart to consider diversity?

Pitch: Employee network groups 
What are some ways to create successful employee network groups, such as those based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, etc.? How did you get the courage to put the group together? What does each group accomplish? How do you go about educating the rest of the company? Why are such groups good for the overall business and bottom line?

And much more!

This immediately accessible PDF is only $20.