Social Media Mastery Bundle


  Explode your growth through social media. Six-Time EMMY® winner Shawne Duperon’s Social Media Bundle Pack will help you master social media within the most sought after social network sites: Facebook Twitter Linked In This eight pack of content rich classes to master social … [Read more...]

Facebook Marketing: Strategies, Tips & Tools for Social Media Targeting


Social media is not free. It costs precious time and energy.  Are you strategically using Facebook to the fullest advantage in your career or your business? Or are you struggling to tap into Facebook’s full marketing potential? This content-rich class is about successfully producing results … [Read more...]

Leveraging LinkedIn: Networking Strategies to Grow Your Business & Your Career


Are you on LinkedIn and have tons of connections?  Are you scratching your head as to how to strategically leverage all those fabulous  relationships to grow your business and career? When you know how to powerfully and strategically maneuver within the LinkedIn social networking world, your … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing Unleased: Twitter Power with Joel Comm


Dominate your market. 
Jump into the social media marketing realm and explode your growth. Been itching to tweet? Yearning to finally understand and use Twitter to grow your business or expand your career? 

It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s so lucrative.

  Just ask Joel Comm. Chances are you’ve … [Read more...]

Powerful Press Releases: Online Strategies for Massive Reach


Press releases are pretty simple to write when you know how to write them. It’s the distribution – to thousands on the web – that has business owners, non-profits and corporate communication experts sometimes scratching their heads. Media expert Shawne Duperon interviews marketing master and … [Read more...]

Twitter: Advanced Strategies


Okay, so you’re on Twitter and you’ve got followers...Now what? That’s what hundreds of business owners consistently want to know. How do you leverage and strategize the social media phenomenon of Twitter? Joel Comm of New York Times Best Seller “Twitter Power” fame, and Hollis Thomases of … [Read more...]

Search Engine Optimization: 25 Tips & Techniques to Increase SEO Rankings, Double Web Traffic & Grow Your Business


When it comes to search engine rankings, where do you, your company or service land? Driving traffic to your website is a science. In this class, Shawne Duperon interviews two of the world’s most prominent SEO experts: Stuart Crawford and Janak Mehta. Get ready to be inundated with tips, tools … [Read more...]

Social Media: Avoiding Legal Landmines


The social media explosion has many corporations and non-profits scrambling to figure out how to handle potential risk and exposure in the workplace. Attorney Terry Bonnette of  Nemeth Burwell, P.C., shares the legal landmines, pitfalls and a host of legal issues that you’ll face or be exposed … [Read more...]

63 Social Media Mistakes Every Business Must Avoid


63 Social Media Mistakes Every Business Must Avoid Grab a pen.  You're about to be inundated with 63 of the worst social media mistakes when it comes to relationship building and what you can do to avoid them. Everything is relationship. This non-techie class filled with tips, tools and … [Read more...]