Sample Press Release – Valentines and Stress

SAMPLE PRESS RELEASE Yikes! VALENTINE'S DAY IS STRESSFUL FOR MILLIONS OF AMERICANS! Nearly 62% of Americans with sweethearts will celebrate Valentine's Day by spending more than $13 billion dollars in romantic gifts in the United States. But for millions, February 14th can be extremely … [Read more...]

Sample Press Release – Halloween and Fear

SAMPLE PRESS RELEASE Samhainphobia = The Fear of Halloween The perfect holiday to face your fears! People are frightened. It's really that simple. A recent poll taken by Discovery Health found: 57% of Americans are afraid of the IRS 30% are afraid of God 58% are afraid of Dentists 23% are … [Read more...]

Sample Press Release – Easy Bake

SAMPLE PRESS RELEASE MEDIA ADVISORY Look! Heart "Warming" Local Story!! Detroit school kids learn how to "Easy Bake"! Detroit, MI -- Remember those Easy Bake Ovens you had so much fun with as a kid? Well, they're back and making a difference in the lives of many metro Detroit children. On … [Read more...]

Gossip Gets a Bad Rap: Why Gossip is Good and How it Can Help You Grow Your Business and Help You Get a Job

SAMPLE PRESS RELEASE When you think of GOSSIP, you think of that mean malicious kind. It’s just not true. Just ask Gossip & Media Expert Shawne Duperon. Shawne is getting her PhD in Gossip at Wayne State University in Detroit. She travels North America teaching businesses how to use Gossip … [Read more...]

Sample Press Release – Networking for Neanderthals

SAMPLE PRESS RELEASE Networking is for Neanderthals Neanderthals got a bum rap. They were not the ham-fisted cavemen often portrayed in cartoons. These primal beings made tools, protected their territories, created social networks and are believed to have been adept at finding resources and … [Read more...]

Sample Press Release – Growums

Despite the economy, we’re still volunteering Recent reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics say nearly 63 million people volunteered in the US in 2010. More than 100 Elementary School Principals from acoss the country coming to Tampa are no different. On Thursday April 7 from 8am-3pm, … [Read more...]