Networking is for Neanderthals®: Relationship Marketing in a New Economy


Networking is primal. It’s biological. We need it, we crave it and most of us don't do it well. This content-rich class will rattle all your notions of networking and relationship marketing. It’s not about passing out business cards. Most of those end up in the garbage with no follow … [Read more...]

Manage Fear, Master Life


Manage Fear, Master Life: Shifting Marketing Fear to Marketing Power What happens when you feel frightened? Do you numb out? Do you avoid fear and plunge ahead? Do you pick crappy relationships and kick yourself later? What about when it comes to all those fear-based marketing mistakes you’ve … [Read more...]

Face Reading & Handwriting Analysis


Face Reading & Handwriting Analysis for Business Understanding and deciphering simple handwriting and face reading tips and clues will give you a 90% advantage in selling your service, non-profit or product. Six-time EMMY® Winner Shawne Duperon along with dear friends and colleagues Ruth … [Read more...]

Diversity & Multicultural Marketing in a New Economy


Developing successful diversity management in our global economy is good business. This ground breaking and enlightening class explores diversity in a new realm of possibility. Six-time EMMY winner Shawne Duperon interviews  president of Diversity Best Practices and former chief of diversity … [Read more...]