Press Releases 101


Maximize Your Media Marketing Are you ready to grow market exposure for your business, product, service or non-profit? Whether you’re brand new at press release writing or a seasoned pro, this is the class for you. Six time EMMY® winner Shawne Duperon collaborates with PR pro Sue Voyles and … [Read more...]

Powerful Press Releases: Online Strategies for Massive Reach


Press releases are pretty simple to write when you know how to write them.  It’s the distribution – to thousands on the web – that has business owners, non-profits and corporate communication experts sometimes scratching their heads. Media expert Shawne Duperon interviews marketing master and … [Read more...]

Crisis Communication Media Alert: Five Things You Must Never Say or Do During a Crisis


It could happen to you. One phone call, one moment of mishandling media and your business reputation is gone in a matter of minutes. Learn what media savvy corporations and organizations already know: How to prepare for the worst How to be ready for a crisis How to not ruin your hard-earned … [Read more...]

The Top 9 On-Camera Media Mistakes to Avoid


Are you ready to be more calm, confident and powerful with traditional & social media? Whether you’ve been interviewed hundreds of times or you’re brand spanking new, this class will forever transform how you “do” interviewing. Six-Time EMMY® winning producer Shawne Duperon has worked at … [Read more...]

Queen Bee: The TV Newsroom Gatekeeper – Publicity Secrets from an NBC TV Assignment Editor


The game is immediate TV access. It’s easy to do when you know how to get the attention of the newsroom decision maker: The Queen Bee.     The Queen Bee is often the most feared and misunderstood decision maker in the newsroom.  Corey McIssac, the Queen Bee at the NBC affiliate … [Read more...]

Leveraging the Media: Turning Coverage into Cash


You’re doing it. You’re getting fab media coverage. What’s next? How do you take one story and leverage it to catapult your brand and build exquisite momentum, avalanching your coverage for massive reach? Six-time EMMY® winner Shawne Duperon brings out the big guns in marketing: Ford Saeks, … [Read more...]

Best Seller Campaign: How to Market & Sell Gobs of Books


Learn what best selling authors already know This information packed class unveils all the secrets 
on how to make your book a best seller Marci Shimoff, a featured teacher in “The Secret,” and best selling author of “Happy for No Reason” and many of the Chicken Soup books, shares what you need to … [Read more...]

Health Stories TV Producers Crave: FOX TV Anchor Spills the Beans on Free Publicity


You don’t have to be in “health” to pitch a health story, you only need a compelling story. Former Fox TV anchor Lila Lazarus and former health reporter Shawne Duperon tell you exactly what you need to do to have the media cover your health story for free. Together, these two hold nothing back. … [Read more...]

HDTV Camera Ready: How to Look Your Absolute Best on TV


Get ready to be inundated with tons of strategies, tips and broadcast blunders to avoid when it comes to looking and feeling your best on TV. From what to wear, to what not to wear, classic on-camera makeup do’s and don’ts and how to powerfully brand your image – is carefully laid out in this … [Read more...]

The Online PressKit


Nothing will get the media's attention quicker than an online press kit. It helps them find the right expert and gives them everything they need ... right at their fingertips. "The Secret Weapon to PR!" From: Shawne Duperon To: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, PR Pros & Corporate … [Read more...]