Unleash Workshop in Philly

Join us in Philly for the Unleash Workshop. www.shawnetv.com/UnleashPA … [Read more...]

Unleash Workshops

Join us: July 11, LA http://shawnetv.com/unleashla July 26, Philly http://shawnetv.com/unleashpa … [Read more...]

The Story Is Already Written

This is one of my favorite media tips. It’s one of the most effective ways to create deep media relationships because they get your commitment to helping them with their story.   … [Read more...]


The best way to cause Twitter engagement is retweeting. Most people don’t know how to do it to for massive word of mouth. Here’s a quick tip that will support you in getting new followers.   … [Read more...]

Sound Bite Length

When it comes to media interviewing, TV is the hardest skill set because it’s the shortest answers. Sometimes you struggle with quieting down, answering with skill, and then ultimately trusting your own intuition.  It’s easy to be interviewed when you know the rules.   … [Read more...]

TV Body Position

Having an awkward body means having an awkward interview. Knowing exactly how to position your body will shift any internal fear and ground you to answer questions exquisitely.     … [Read more...]

Your Social Media Photos

Congruency, congruency, congruency. This is the easiest solution to making and creating friends and tons of engagement in social media. People do business with people they like. How’s your pic?     … [Read more...]

The First Question a Reporter Asks

The first reporter question is the most important. If you blow the first question the reporter may lose interest very quickly. Here’s how to do it right. … [Read more...]

Engaging on Facebook

It’s not about how many follow you, it’s not about how great your graphics are. It’s all about ENGAGEMENT. Are your followers and Facebook friends engaged with your message? … [Read more...]

When the Reporter Keeps Asking the Same Question – Part 2

When you increase knowledge you lower fear. Knowing this info about how reporters operate will dramatically increase your ability to powerfully answer questions. … [Read more...]