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Ask yourself: “What are you broadcasting?”

Networking for Neanderthals
Networking is primal. It’s biological. We need it. We crave it. And most of us don’t do it well. In this half day workshop, held in several cities in the US and Canada, you will step into a new realm of possibility.   Click Here

What are you Broadcasting? How to Leverage Traditional and Social Media
This marketing workshop is like no other. It’s a blend of tips for traditional and social media, designed to give you the tools, skills and strategies to lower your marketing costs and grow your business or career despite any economy. When you register, you also receive one of Shawne’s best selling press release tool.
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Media Mastery Bootcamp
One :30 story is worth approximately $6400 in real advertising dollars. Triple that value because your story is not an advertisement, it’s the media powerfully endorsing you and linking you to their website. Click Here