Dec 12

No is a Yes

It’s hard saying no, eh? Especially if you WANT to help a colleague, want to help a vendor, or even want to help your neighbor. Your heart’s in the right place. Their heart is in the right place. That’s not in dispute. You simply don’t have the time, energy or hootspah to join that committee, read a proposal you have no need for or give more money to a cause that doesn’t fill your soul.

Sure, you could give in and tell them yes…. and then the resentment seeps in, the guilt comes a-calling. But what if your no actually meant yes … to yourself? Like…. when you say no, it means:

  • YES to you getting a task done on deadline.
  • YES to spending more time on closing deals.
  • YES to the charity you really love.
  • YES to your own self-care.
  • YES to a what truly makes you happy.

Ultimately, happy people say no.. a lot. And they say yes to their priorities and passion. Saying no isn’t selfish. It’s leadership. No is a Yes

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