Dec 12

Embracing “Scared” in Business

The best marketer wins, period. When you hone your marketing skills (whether it’s for your job or your business) you’re more successful and you make more money. Research says it’s true. The problems come in when you’re worried about getting it right.

So why do people avoid marketing ? You’re scared. It’s that simple.

  • Scared you’ll get it wrong.
  • Scared to put your idea/product out there.
  • Scared you’ll get it right and you’ll have to deliver (what if you can’t do it perfect?).
  • Scared you’ll be exposed.
  • Scared you’ll publicly fail.
  • Scared to ask for the sale.
  • Scared to have to upgrade your resume/website/product launch

So be scared. Feel scared. Embrace scared.

And do it …. Scared.

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