Public Relations Consulting & PR Services

As you enjoy all of the perks of free press and publicity (new business, exposure, fame, referrals, etc.) your priorities and business models change.

We are here to help you as you grow.




As your exposure and word of mouth grows in traditional and social media, you’ll want more extensive national and international coverage, along with ways to make your free publicity campaigns efficient and easy.

Our team has been in the media industry for nearly 20 years and offers PR services ranging from local coverage in your area to massive online global reach.

We become an extension of your communication team by providing services such as story creation, press release writing, press release distribution, TV, Radio and Print campaigns as well as powerfully promoting your brand, boosting your search engine optimization and leveraging all social media marketing.

When you hire us a our public relations team we offer packages to meet your media budgets and your company will receive bonus Media Mastery Bootcamp tickets, as well as Online PressKit discounts.

We work with firms that specialize in technology, health, business, personal development, etc. the list goes on and on. Simply click below and our office will contact you to create marketing strategies that grow your company orĀ  non-profit.

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